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Tales from the Dark Part 2 (2013)

Genre: Horror
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Sinopsis Film Movie Tales from the Dark Part 2 (2013)

Kei yau yeh (original title)

In “Haunted Pillow,” TVB starlet Fala Chen is still obsessed with her lover (Gordon Lam) after their breakup and invariably suffers from insomnia. She gets hold of a Chinese herbal pillow that eventually helps her fall asleep again but it also draws her near something unexpected. “Hide And Seek” casts a group of young newcomers into an abandoned school campus where they meet longtime janitor Mr. Chan who takes shelter at the school. Playing hide-and-seek after midnight, the teenagers go missing, one after another. In his self-directed piece “Black Umbrella,” Teddy Robin makes solving conflicts on the street at night his mission and marks each closed case with his signature black umbrella. Before he calls it a day, he meets a prostitute who forcefully pulls him upstairs for business and unfortunately things spiral out of control.